Log-Grown Shiitake: Economics and Management for a Profitable Crop

Friday, February 16, 2018 - 9:00am to 4:00pm


6055 Route 23 Agroforestry Resource Center
Acra, NY 12405
United States
42° 19' 25.392" N, 74° 5' 46.4496" W
New York US
Log-grown Shiitake Mushrooms

Log-grown Shiitake Mushrooms

The cultivation of shiitake mushrooms offers farmers and woodlot owners a good opportunity to utilize their forested lands while turning a profit. Startup costs are low, and previous Cornell research indicates that profitability can be achieved in the second or third year of dedicated production. As with any farming venture, viability is achieved with good business planning and attention to strategies which minimize costs and optimize efficiency.

Anyone who is a resident of New York State or who farms in New York and is growing commercially, starting a new enterprise, or considering commercial production is welcome to attend. The workshop content will cover aspects of production important to selling mushrooms in New York, including safety, sanitation, marketing, and regulations. Learn more about cultivation at: http://cornellmushrooms.org/factsheets

Those who attend one of the workshops or the online livestream are eligible to participate in an advanced training group and receive one-on-one support for the 2018 growing season. Details of this opportunity will be provided at the workshop.

Workshops run from 9am to 4pm, with a catered lunch included.
Friday, February 16 at the Agroforestry Resource Center, 6055 NY-23, Acra, NY 12405
Cost: $30/person includes lunch and handouts. (online livestream 3/2 is $20)

To Register: visit www.cornellmushrooms.org/viability

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6055 Route 23 Agroforestry Resource Center
Acra, NY 12405