New Art Exhibit Featuring Work of Saugerties Artist Opens in Woodstock

Features Saugerties Artist's  Work on 'Questions of the Soul'

An art exhibit which is wide ranging, featuring the work of Saugerties resident Joan Monastero, is now on display at St. Gregory's Episcopal Church in Woodstock.  The work of Monastero began in 2002 and now covers 40 (8 inch) squares on wood with media ranging from painting, photographs, sand, fabric and more.

Said Monastero, "Each piece is unique and what connects all of them is the diagram by 17th Century mystic/artist Jacob Bohme.  In each of the squares, the diagram is found either completely or in fragment.  My hope is to visually and symbolically speak to the continuation of the soul in life and in art, as expressed in this work."

Her work will be on display in the St. Gregory's Gallery through November (official hours are 11 am to 1 pm each Sunday).  Harriet Iles, artist-in-residence at St. Gregory's, commended this exhibit for its uniqueness.  Monastero's work has been on display at numerous upstate exhibits and she has been recognized with awards in Virginia, Massachusetts and by Fundacion Valpariso in Spain.

St. Gregory's is located just east of the village of Woodstock at 2578 Route 212.