Prattsville remembers Irene anniversary with MudFest

Above: The 2014 MudFest in Prattsville. Photo via the MudFest Facebook page. 

It was four years ago today that Tropical Storm Irene flooded towns across the Catskills. The Greene County town of Prattsville, which saw much of its Main Street swept away by muddy water, commemorates the anniversary with the Prattsville MudFest, a celebration of mud and survival. 

MudFest begins tonight with live music, a performance of the Calico Indian Showdown and fireworks on the Prattsville town green. The fun spills into a daylong festival tomorrow that features a "human foosball table" and an impressive muddy obstacle course lined with challenges such as "the rotten log" and "the bale jump." 

Four years later, signs of the flood's destruction are still visible in Prattsville. Despite pleas from the town board, multiple flood-damaged structures still stand unrepaired. Recently, the town sent sternly-worded letters to property owners asking them to begin cleanup efforts before a Sept. 11 deadline, according to the Daily Mail

“We have to do so something about the damaged, dilapidated and abandoned buildings,” Town Supervisor Kory O’Hara said.

“We need to get rid of the eyesores,” Councilman James Thorington said. “People need to fix these places or tear them down."

Prattsville's MudFest. Friday, Aug. 28 and Saturday, Aug. 29. 1427 Main St., Prattsville.