Prattsville rallies for Housing Expo

On Saturday, March 3, Prattsville held a Housing Expo and Home Improvement Show for homeowners looking to rebuild after the devastating Irene floods.

The Daily Mail's Michael Ryan was on hand, and spoke to a few of Prattsville's determined residents:

...David Lang has moved the foundation of his flood-ravaged home back 30 feet from the Schoharie Creek and raised it at least 6 feet above the flood plain.

“My wife and I aren’t going anywhere,” Lang said, noting many homeowners are opting to raise their homes, as mandated by FEMA, rather than leave, being joined by virtually every merchant that was open pre-Irene.

YNN's Brandon Walker shot video at the event, and spoke to local flooded-out homeowners Carol and Frank Cangelosi about their frustration with the slow pace of recovery.

In other flood recovery news: On Thursday, March 8, Schoharie Recovery is hosting a free financial planning session for flood victims. The session will be held from 4pm-7pm at the Schoharie Presbyterian Church. If you're interested, call ahead to reserve a time slot with a financial planner: 518.301.5785.