Olive after Sandy: Some power is out, but Halloween is on

This just in from the Town of Olive: The phones don't work at Town Hall, so the town is using the cell phone of Susan Horner, the secretary to town supervisor Berndt Leifeld, as its information line. You can call Horner at 845-657-9639. 

Dry ice will be available at the Olive Bridge Fire Hall today from noon to 6pm. See our dry ice post for a list of all dry ice locations today.
Here's the press release in full

The Town of Olive Town Board has arranged for another dry ice pick up at the Olive Bridge Fire
House today from 12pm – 6pm. Several areas of Olive are still without power. The Town Offices are
without telephone service, but if you need to contact the Supervisor’s Office, please contact Susan
Horner’s Cell Phone at 657-9639.

Halloween Trick or Treating is encouraged throughout the Town and the curfew is 8pm for
teenagers 16 and under.

As of this time there are only two roads with limited or closed access. Those two reads are Mill Road
and Crispell Road in OliveBridge.

Berndt J. Leifeld,
Town of Olive