Little black-and-white Corvette

Catskills Photography took a sweet shot of this 1998 Corvette, now living a second life as the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office's DARE car.

There's a story behind Sullivan County's hot rod: The car used to belong to a crack cocaine dealer who parked it across the street from the Livingston Manor school on weekends to make drug deals. In 2009, the Times Herald-Record told the tale of how the car ended up on the other side of the law:

Most of the kids had seen the Corvette before, when Dunham was working the street.

"The instant they parked it here, they knew who it was, who the drug dealer was," said Sgt. Luis Alvarez, a DARE officer assigned to several Sullivan schools.

The sheriff's department plans to show the car, which was painted by Sullivan BOCES students, to every kid in the county's program. They can use it to tell Dunham's story over and over, and the consequences of getting involved in drugs.

"Bradley Dunham made some poor decisions," Sheriff Mike Schiff told the fifth-graders. "He had a Corvette and now the sheriff's department is driving it."

Photo posted in our Flickr pool.