Temporary SBA office opens in Windham

Graham Merk, chairman of the Windham Chamber of Commerce, is providing an office space at the IA Financial Building at 5419 Main Street in Windham for Small Business Administration officer Jim Elens.  Mr. Elens will be available until at least Friday, October 21 to assist business owners, homeowners and others who have suffered property damage in the recent floods with applying for loans from the SBA.

The Small Business Administration offers several kinds of disaster loans:

  • Home Disaster Loans – Loans to homeowners or renters to repair or replace disaster damaged real estate or personal property owned by the victim. Renters are eligible for their personal property losses, including automobiles.

  • Business Physical Disaster Loans – Loans to businesses to repair or replace disaster-damaged property owned by the business, including real estate, inventories, supplies, machinery and equipment. Businesses of any size are eligible. Private, non-profit organizations such as charities, churches, private universities, etc., are also eligible.

  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) – Working capital loans to help small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and most private, non-profit organizations of all sizes meet their ordinary and necessary financial obligations that cannot be met as a direct result of the disaster. These loans are intended to assist through the disaster recovery period.

Mr. Elens is available from 9:30 to 5:00 each day.  Walk-ins welcome, no appointment is necessary.