Rubber duckies and crazy boats set sail in Tannersville

Leave your power boat at home, and never mind Triple Crown horse racing.  In Tannersville this Saturday, a flotilla of rubber ducks, 500 strong, will jockey for position in the Rubber Duck Race on Gooseberry Creek, until the best of the best crosses the finish line across from Rip Van Winkle Lake.  

For those who would rather brave the waters in their own craft, the Crazy Boat Race and Festival will get under way Saturday afternoon.  Competition is open to anything that stays afloat, as long as it isn't powered by a motor.  Prizes will be awarded to the most creative (or perhaps most desperate) boat builders.  Music and food will accompany the aquatic feats of both man and duck.

Tannersville, NY, Saturday, 5.28.2011.  The Rubber Duck Race and Festival, 11am.  The Crazy Boat Race and Festival, 2pm.  Rain date:  May 29.  For more info, call 518-589-5765/518-858-9094 or email [email protected].  Photo via Tannersville, NY Facebook page.