Phoenicia gets a shoutout from the New York Post

Photo of the Phoenicia Pharmacy by Flickr user Lori_NY. Published under Creative Commons license.

In today's NY Post: An homage to Phoenicia, celebrating the little Shandaken hamlet's "frontier feel" and "rough edges" while giving a nod to the growing arts and cultural scene that's taken off there in recent years. An excerpt:

There are some deeply divisive issues that keep full-time and part-time residents at town meetings until midnight. Much wrangling is being done over whether to switch from septics to sewers, and there are various opinions over a proposed luxury development at Belleayre.

But when residents meet at the post office or hardware store after a night of arguing, they are more inclined to talk about whether the fish are biting or what is growing in their vegetable garden.

In the end, Phoenicia is seen by second-home owners as an escape.

“Our house is a respite,” [Phoenicia part-timer David] Ayers says. “Even if I’m busy with the house, it’s a departure from the things I do in the city. In the city, I work, I’m out several nights a week. Up here, I’m just here.”