One time, at farm camp ...

Memorial Day weekend at the Frost Valley Farm Camp. Photos by Larson Harley. Used with permission.

Photographer Larson Harley spent Memorial Day weekend at the Frost Valley YMCA's Farm Camp, where he was briefly seduced by a vision of living in the country, he writes on his blog:

By the end of this weekend, I would have easily stayed up in the Catskills with the animals, trading them for strangers on the train, honking cars and sirens. I would trade the smell of the pissy subways and melting blacktop for the grass and hemlock tree. I have a love for all things natural, while still believing that living in the cities we have created helps to keep a small portion of that space left wild. One day I will hopefully get to retire to the land outside cities, perhaps on a farm, desert canyon, or high mountaintop. From there I can daydream of skyscrapers, advertisements, and public transportation.

The shimmering vibrancy of his photos of chickens, llamas, and butterflies on the Claryville farm campus may have something to do with his longing for the bucolic. Harley shared some of his images with us -- you can see more on his blog, Between Two Bridges.