Middleburgh update: Businesses opening and a party planned

Above: The main shopping district in Middleburgh one month ago. The water rose almost 6 feet high in the street-level buildings. Photo by Marty Rosen.

Matt Avitabile, the volunteer coordinator (and village trustee) for the village of Middleburgh in Schoharie County, sent us an update this week about how his village is doing in the wake of Irene.

Middleburgh, like its neighboring villages in the Schoharie Valley, was inundated during the storm. A month later, Avitabile reports, things are slowly getting better, enough so that the village is throwing a party for flood cleanup next weekend.

Here's Avitabile's report:

The cleanup operation in Middleburgh is improving every day. Some businesses have reopened and the majority have indicated that they're coming back. Just another one, M&J's Cafe on Main Street reopened on Wednesday despite massive flood damage. While the situation is still difficult, the sense of pride and eagerness to get back on our feet is palpable here. The Methodist Church has taken over the volunteer efforts, while the other churches help with charity and food. Middleburgh is planning a community bash next Saturday, October 8th after our Columbus Day parade. It's a long road ahead, but with the help and spirit of the people of our community, we will make it.

The village now has a PayPal relief fund and its own blog, where you can keep track of the recovery.