Lexington Irene update

3:45pm Tuesday, 8/30/11: Updates from Lexington are sparse, but here's what we know. Greene County administrator Shaun Groden called us this afternoon around 1:30pm. He said that the Bush Road Bridge in Lexington is washed out. He said that the Lexington Post Office has been converted into a recovery command center, and that a delivery of water should have arrived there earlier today.

Here's proof that Bush's Bridge is gone, via a photographer named Gary Slutzky and the Twitter feed of Sean Mahoney:

Mahoney also reports that Rte. 42 by the town building on both sides of Basils Bridge is destroyed, although the bridge itself remains.

On our live blog today, a reader named Hanya reported that the facade of the Lexington Hotel is intact, according to photos posted on a website that is now down.

According to Sean Mahoney, who made his way from Hunter to Lexington on Rte. 23A yesterday, says that Bush's Bridge is indeed down. Mahoney took this photo of Rte 42 at Pushmans Bridge, reporting that people on the other side stranded:

Mahoney took this shot of Rte. 42 in Lexington, looking down from Beech Ridge:

Mahoney also took a photo of people stranded near Pushmans Bridge (sp?) In Lexington:


Another photo, of Rte, 42 near Lexington in Greene County yesterday, via Flickr user craylolakid696: