"I feel like I am at a funeral": Prattsville woman watches as family home is demolished

Several TV news crews reported yesterday from the demo site in Prattsville that used to be Pam Young's family home. Built in 1947, the house was home to four generations of Young's family until August 28, when Tropical Storm Irene flooded the house and trapped Young on the roof, along with her son and nephew.

Fox 23 interviewed the family as the bulldozers rolled in to tear down walls:

Pam and her family are saving the original wood from the home built back in 1947. They plan on using it to create a memorial in honor of her grandparents to mark the spot where their home used to stand.

“I really wanted the beams saved so we can make a cross to put it on their grave so they have a piece of the house with them,” [Pam's daughter] Jessica said crying.

Pam and Joey have been staying with Jessica and living in hotels for the past month and a half.

“I never dreamed in a million years that I would say I am homeless,” Pam said.

WNYT 13 reports that the Young family has a difficult road ahead of them, but they are counting their blessings:

She still has her job as a financial planner in Albany. She feels they are all lucky to be alive. And Pam said now that they are living with family or in a motel, finally taking down the homestead is one big step toward starting over.

"I would like to sit down here on my hands and knees and be like, 'why? Why did this happen?' But I can't be a victim I gotta move on," she said.

 Ironically Young said her homeowners insurance would only cover the replacement of her roof due to water damage, but she has no house to put a new one on.

Since the flooding, the rebuilding effort in Prattsville has set up a Facebook page with regular updates on how things are progressing, and a website where people can donate to the rebuilding of the town.