Catskill resident is America's new baseball historian

The Woodstock Times and WGXC have neat sports news his week: John Thorn, a Catskill resident and baseball history guru, has been appointed to the post of Major League Baseball's historian.

John Thorn's new bookJohn Thorn's new bookThorn has experience pontificating about the history of America's pastime -- the Woodstock Times, which publishes his columns, counts up his credentials: multiple books, including a new one due out today, screen time in a Ken Burns documentary, and a vast memory for baseball trivia.

Here's Thorn telling the WT about his new job:

I will be a resource for all the departments. I will be there for them when they have historical conundrums. The legal department might have a question about the trademark of the Worcester Brown Stockings, so I can help them. I already do a lot of talking head stuff on the Major League Baseball network. There may be writing assignments for the all star game, or