Blenheim Irene update

9:40pm Tuesday, 8/30/11: Above: Intrepid North Blenheim residents Sue Dailey and Steve Gross sent us this video earlier today of devastating flooding in town. Rte. 30 throughout North Blenheim has been wiped out. 

A still from the video of Rte. 30 at the north end of Blenheim. The metal in the water is the former guardrail:

Another still of Rte. 30 in town, looking north:

At the north end of Blenheim, Rte. 30 is "basically gone," Gross says. He interviews fellow resident Steve Whitesell (sp?), who says, that his house has been destroyed. As for Rte. 30, Whitesell says, "The road goes up a couple of hundred feet, and then it just ends."

Some good news, though -- some houses were spared, and damage could've been worse in the center of town.