Sager gets nod from Sullivan Dems

With the ink barely dry on his change of political party, Sullivan County former Republican David Sager is racking up the county endorsements he'll need to take on incumbent state Senator John Bonacic as a Democrat this fall. The Mid-Hudson News reports that Sullivan County is going for Sager...

Sager is a Republican who recently announced a change of enrollment to Democrat. That doesn’t take effect until after the general election. 

Because of that, he needs support from three of the four Democratic committees in the district.  He now has two.   Democrats in Delaware County endorsed Sager earlier.

...over staunch Democrat Seth Goldman.

Sager faced opposition for the nomination from Seth Goldman who said he “is a proud Democrat, always has been and always will be,” but that if he did not get the nomination, he would support “virtually any candidate that the Democratic Party supports,” including Sager.

Though some local Dems are stewing about Sager's shifting allegiances, it sounds like the game in Albany this year is to oust incumbents by any means necessary, and NY-42 is no exception. With memories of the Senate meltdown still fresh and the state budget in epic disarray, never in recent memory has the rallying cry of "Throw The Bums Out" sounded more stirring upon the lips of New Yorkers.