Promoting local business: Ur doin it wrong

Social-media maven (and Kingston Neighborhood Watcher) Claudia D'Arcy was a little steamed that an Ulster County conference on promoting local business via social media didn't bother to hire a local:

Now, this has absolutely nothing personal against Brian who left his family including a brand new baby in New York City to come up on a Trailways bus to speak today, but what was the thought process that lead the organizers to bring in a social media consultant from New York City when we have local sources for the same information right here?  I mean, here are all these local folks who want local solutions and there are local professionals who are ready willing and able to connect with them, and the conference organizers don’t even consider promoting the local professionals?

I’m sorry, but right there is a sign that something is wrong with the whole concept: PROMOTE ULSTER, but we can’t highlight any local companies that can help in that promotion?