Life before Roe v. Wade

Nearly 50 years (and four grandchildren) after the fact, a Woodstock local reflects on her 1962 illegal abortion:

They brought me to another doctor to verify that I had just had an abortion. Then they put me in a jail cell in the Bronx with a box of Kotex. I was happy that I had been able to have the abortion. I thought that if they really thought it was murder they would have broken in to stop it. I lay in my jail cell and sang Joan Baez songs to myself.

...We thought that once we had won the right, it would always be ours. Now they are trying to take it away, bit by bit. Over the years I’ve spoken at rallies, colleges and once on Oprah to tell what it is like to lose the right to choose. It means going to jail for planning your own family. I’m sorry, but this should not be the function of a free society.