Hark, hark, they want a park

Never mind a movie theatre or a stoplight: The tiny Ulster County town of Denning is too small even to have a town park. That's about to change, thanks to local realtor Jennifer Grimes, who's looking for a few good dirt- and flower-wranglers to help put together a Town Garden for Denning's 516 residents to enjoy.

To my delight the Town Board approved this project! So the next phase is to put together the Denning Garden Club. While we may have some welcome assistance in the planning and implementation of the garden, I think it’s key that those of us interested, talk about how the space would best be used and designed, and get our hands dirty together. And people from the Neversink side of Claryville are more than welcome too!

Lest any of you residents of sensible, town-boundary-respecting hamlets be confused by that last bit: The hamlet of Claryville is actually half in Denning, and half in the Sullivan County town of Neversink.

Grimes wants it known that she's got no disrespect for the town's preeminent community forum and social hotspot: The dump.

...which is, frankly, a rather festive spot, where neighbors pause and chat. Ed Mues, is pivotal in fostering this atmosphere of community, and plays darn good music over the sound system to boot! You never know if it will be jazz, opera, or some good bluegrass.


Meanwhile, a few miles southwest in Liberty, volunteers are already hard at work building a community garden. Zinc Plate Press has pics.