Karin Ursula Edmondson


Dec. 3, 2013
Winter is a great time to think about next year's landscape plan. The garden sleeps; nothing needs to be done except ponder last year's triumphs and also, last year's disappointments. Winter is a time to think and to plan. To dream of next year's floral... Read more
Nov. 8, 2013
Two plant comments I recall vividly from two different instructors during my time earning my MS in Landscape Design at Columbia University:1. Choose plants that have at least two seasons of interests.2. Evergreens are boring.Well then. Enter the Larch.... Read more
Jun. 28, 2013
I always thought roses sucked. Prissy. Fussy. Thick, sweet scent. Roses were for old English ladies who wore white lace gloves, for effeminate and driven horticulturalists or southern damsels in big floppy hats. Definitely not for me.             For six... Read more
Mar. 8, 2013
Late winter - right about now, especially with the recent 6 to 10 inch snowfall in the Catskills - is a terrific time to prune shrubs and trees. Pruning is so much easier without leaves to get in the way. The shapes and habits of trees, shrubs and  vines... Read more
Feb. 12, 2013
Would you like to grow your own food, flowers and herbs? Cultivate community? Share knowledge about sustainable gardening? Collaborate in the creation of an exciting, new project? Shandaken Community Gardens is looking for dedicated individuals... Read more