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Harness racing accident in Monticello: Drivers hurt, horses walk away

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Above: Video of a harness racing accident on the Monticello Raceway on Monday, June 3. Around 0:34, trotter Getthemoney falls, and a half-dozen horses behind him collide with horse and sulky.

Several racetrack drivers were injured in a seven-horse pileup on the Monticello Raceway on Monday afternoon, in a harness race that went awry when the horse Getthemoney -- who was just pulling into second place -- suddenly fell.

Daily Racing Form describes the incident:

The accident occurred during the second race when Get the Money, driven by Jimmy Marohn (Sr.), stumbled and fell in front of the trailing horses. All drivers, except Jimmy Marohn, Jr., who was on the lead with Halfpipe, were involved in the accident.

According to driver Marohn Jr., who took off his drives to head to the hospital with his father, Marohn Sr. suffered a concussion and a wrenched back. Mike Forte was said to have a fractured wrist and five broken ribs. Greg Merton is dealing with bruised ribs. Brad Clouser also has a concussion and is still undergoing tests.  Read more

How to get a horse-racing job

Pete Lawrence, a writer who got his first racetrack job at the Monticello Raceway in 1972, recalls in Hoof Beats Magazine how he walked his way into the gig: 

So one spring morning in '72, my dad, my good friend Danny Rosenblatt (who's Dr. Rosenblatt these days, a chemist in Silicon Valley) and I bounded into the car in search of summertime groom's employment.

Where to start? At the top, natch. We dropped in, uninvited, on track president Leon Greenberg, not having any idea how ridiculous a plan that was. He handed us off to racing secretary Ralph Swalsky, who in turn, pointed us in the direction of trainer Tony Del Priore, who wasn't hiring. But another trainer, Mike Vicidomini, took us on. He offered the princely sum of zero salary for July, which would be our first month, and $50 weekly each to Danny and me for August.  Read more

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