Octoberfest Pig Roast Sunday, Oct. 11

Join us for the Octoberfest Pig Roast on Sunday, Oct 11.  We'll be roasting a whole Ossabaw Island Pig, a heritage breed pig raised on the farm. Rare and luscious! Accompanied with mustard cream sauce, German style mushroom gravy, spaetzel (German egg noodles) sweet and sour Barber's Farm red cabbage, German style potato salad, fall harvest salad, German apple cake, poached pears and creme fraiche. Apple cider pressing. $25 per adult, kids under 15 pay their age. Please make a reservation! 518-239-6234

Great views of the colorful Catskill Mountains from all over the farm. The foliage is rapidly changing. Should be brilliant by the weekend! Take a walk to see our two week old baby alpaca and other animals.  The farm store will be open 11am-3pm. Regular cafe and farm store on Saturday.  Menu on our website.Fresh!We will have our grassfed fresh beef, as well as our own pastured fresh goose and guinea fowl available to purchase. The geese range in size from 5-7 pounds.  If you want to purchase one for the holidays, we will gladly freeze and store it for you. $9/lb. The guinea fowl average around 3-4 pounds, and cost $10/lb.

And we plan to make chicken sausage tomorrow!  Woohoo! So many of you have been waiting for it!
Supper Club
The all-poultry Supper Club is coming up!  "Why a Duck?," a five course dinner that incorporates duck, goose, guinea fowl, chicken and turkey into the menu is happening Oct. 17 & 18.  Saturday, Oct. 17 is already booked up, but there are seats available for Sunday, Oct. 18.  $75 per person plus tax.  Reserve your spot now for this unique dinner!

In the Cooler this week:
Fresh Beef, Goose, Guinea Fowl, Chicken Sausage
Fresh Oink and Milk Chili
Cowbella Diary products, Cheeses from Cooperstown Cheese, Brovetto and Nettle Meadow

In the Freezer: besides our regular supply of lamb, pork, beef, goat and chicken
Stew Hens
Rob's Mole (spicy Mexican sauce)
Chicken Stock and Pork Stock

Reminder:Time to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey!
Turkey form attached.  Also taking orders for sides of pork and whole lambs.

Nice article with lots of photos with an update on our Reservoir Goats.  They are still in Albany, doing their job!  http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2015/10/06/revisiting-the-reservoir-goats

Upcoming Events:
Oct 10 & 11      Fresh Beef, Guinea Fowl and Goose
Oct. 11       Octoberfest Pig Roast, serving starts at 3. Reservations, please!
Oct 17 & 18  Supper Club: "Why A Duck?All Poultry Dinner" $75 plus tax
                        (Saturday sold out, seats available for Sunday)
Oct. 17 & 18     Fresh Pork: Tamworth & Ossabaw Island
Oct. 24 & 25    Fresh Lamb & Goat
Oct. 31 & 1       Fresh Pork: Gloucester Old Spot
Nov. 7        Supper Club "Eat Like a Pig" Dinner $75 plus tax
Nov. 7 & 8       Fresh Pork: Tamworth
Nov. 14       Supper Club "Eat Like a Pig" Dinner $75 plus tax
Nov. 14 & 15    Fresh Pork: Tamworth & Ossabaw Island
Nov. 21 & 22    Fresh Turkey, by reservation
Dec.  12 & 13    Fresh  Lamb     In spite of a miserable cold, rainy day, our Harvest Fair was decently attended.  We loved the scarecrow entries!  Scarlet, top, by Linda Mormile and Dorothea Cotter won the People's Choice best scarecrow, and a gift certificate.  You can see it now, displayed in front of Kim's West Winds in Preston Hollow.  Another favorite was the Rebel, by Regina Galluscio. A few scarecrows remain here as decoration, too!  Thanks to all who participated to raise funds for the Regional Food Pantry.
And a special thanks to Wes Laraway and the Birds of Prey.  Mesmerizing! Best,
Carol Clement
Heather Ridge Farm and Bees Knees Cafe
989 Broome Center Road
Preston Hollow, NY 12469
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