Tonight’s Show: Catskill Trees with Gary Mead – bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis)

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Tonight’s Show: Catskill Trees with Gary Mead – bitternut hickory (Carya cordiformis)

Every 3rd Wednesday we talk to Gary Mead about a different tree found in or near the Catskill Mountains. Every tree is different, and there is always something unique & special we find out about it. Tonight we’ll be discussing the bitternut hickory tree. Shagbark hickory is some of the most dense wood you’ll find. Hickory nuts are also extremely desirable by wildlife as well as some humans; they taste like pecans, only richer! Gary is the owner of Fruitful FurnishingsFruitful Furnishings began in 1979 as a custom furniture shop. Within ten years, a sawmill was added for producing dimension parts and providing custom sawing, planing, and kiln drying services to customers wishing to furnish their homes with wood from their own trees. Gary has also opened to the public – Gary Mead Gallery – located at the mill-site, which showcases one-of-a-kind pieces made from wood. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online to learn more.


Saw two bucks the other day without the velvet (fuzzy stuff) on their antlers. Fall is coming if not here already, no matter what the calendars say. Foliage is beginning to turn, especially on trees in poorer condition. Could use some more rain though, streams are very low. 

May the forest be with you,

Ryan Trapani

Education Forester

Catskill Forest Association