Let us play matchmaker, for Golfing that is!

Join a team at the Margaretville Health Foundation Golf Tournament. We can match you up with a 2 or 3 person team that has registered for the August 6th Golf Tournament at the College Golf Course in Delhi, to play as a 4 person team. Call us right away before these slots are filled. Please see application below or call us for registering.

Lexington hosts first-ever broadband pep rally

Above: Adam Cross, left, the code enforcement officer for the town of Lexington, and Kim Do, a part-time Lexington resident who helped compose the "Broadband Anthem," at the Broadband Pep Rally on July 18. Photo by Julia Reischel.

A boisterous crowd of between 150 and 200 people gathered under a pavilion in the Greene County town of Lexington on Saturday, July 18 to demand broadband high-speed internet service in their remote Catskills town of 805 people, where even old-fashioned landline telephone service is spotty and cell phone service is nonexistent.

The rally, which was organized by resident Bonnie Blader, aimed to convince Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration to fund half of a $3 million project to lay 76 miles of fiber optic cable to 90 percent of the town’s residents.

To set the mood, group of singers in cowboy hats performed a “Broadband Anthem” set to the tune of the “Rawhide” theme song.  Read more

DEC officer frees bear cub from jar stuck on its head

Above: DEC Conservation Officer Anthony Glorioso and the jar he removed from a bear cub's head on June 30. Photo courtesy Anthony Glorioso.

A black bear cub that got its head stuck in a plastic jar was freed by Greene County DEC conservation officers after a four-hour stakeout in the Catskills hamlet of Palenville on June 30.

The cub, stumbling blindly with its head stuck in a large opaque plastic jar, was spotted by residents and an electrician around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30.

And the cub wasn’t alone.

“The mother came galloping through our yard,” said Gail Richards Dedrick, who lives on Palenville’s Maple Avenue. “I had seen the bear before, but I had never seen it move that quickly and determinedly.”

Above: The bear cub with a jar on its head. Photo by Gail Richards Dedrick. 

Just as the mother bear disappeared, a bear cub blundered into the yard from the other direction, Dedrick said.

“It was stumbling around, and you could hear it,” she said. “The bear was bumping into trees.”

Dedrick’s husband tried to free the bear himself, but the jar was stuck tight.  Read more

Foundation 5th Annual Donor and Sponsor Appreciation Event

From left to right: Heather Brighton, Board Chair Margaretville Health Foundation, David Scarpino, President and CEO of Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley (HAHV), Carey Wagner, Board Chair, Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center, and Diane Scarpino.

Margaretville Health Foundation welcomed guests to its 5th Annual Donor and Sponsor Appreciation Event.

Mr. Scarpino addressed the guests to emphasize the inevitable changes coming to the landscape of healthcare, affecting urban and rural areas alike, such as our community of the Central Catskills. The message was that the upcoming affiliation of the HAHV with Westchester Medical Center will bring together a larger network of resources to benefit and strengthen the facilities encompassing HAHV.  Read more

Take a dip: Where to swim in the Catskills

Above: Belleayre Beach at Pine Hill Lake in July 2014. Photo by Jonathan Garin.

In the Catskills, there’s a secret swimming hole in almost every town. (If you ask nicely, a local may point you in the right direction.) Here are a few of the best known publicly accessible swimming spots, from lifeguarded beaches to swimming pools to blue holes in the wilderness.


BIG DEEP is a beloved woodsy swimming hole with a rope swing on the Saw Kill. East of town on Route 212 in Woodstock.

Above: Peekamoose Blue Hole. Photo by Tim Cox. 

PEEKAMOOSE BLUE HOLE, an icy cold, deep blue basin, is tucked into the woods near the border of Ulster and Sullivan counties. From Route 28A in West Shokan, go 10 miles southwest on County Road 42.  Read more

Nina’s Home Cooking earns a roadside following

Above: Nina Berger offers grilled banana bread, one of her specialties, at Nina's Home Cooking in Lexington. Photo by Janel Bladow.

Nina Berger's bright yellow, black and red food truck has tourists and locals alike lining up in the Greene County town of Lexington for her made-to-order eats.

In the year that Nina’s Home Cooking has been in business, her custom-made food truck – actually a trailer – has become a popular place for her Catskills neighbors to grab a quick bite.

“Her pound cake tea loaves are just amazing,” said Elisa Edmoundson of West Kill who stopped by on a Saturday morning for a slice of grilled banana nut bread. “It’s habit-forming.”

Berger opened on July 1, 2014 and manned the grill in her trailer in a parking lot on Route 42 until November. She opened again in the 2015 season in May. And while it was slow going at first, business picked up around Memorial Day weekend.

“I’m having a blast,” she said as she grilled a large flour tortilla for the daily special: a chicken Caesar wrap. “Everything is homemade by me. I try to buy local and do my shopping in Albany.” Berger buys only as much as she thinks she needs.  Read more

Endurance races: For mountain goats only

Above: Runners at the starting line of the 2014 Escarpment Trail Run in Windham. Photo by Doug Freese.

The Catskills are known for their arts, food and scenery. But they’re also getting a reputation in the ultrarunning set for a growing number of challenging endurance races.

Greene County hosts the oldest of these, the ESCARPMENT TRAIL RUN (escarpmenttrail.com), an annual endurance test held every summer since 1977. (This year, it's happening on July 26.) Organizer Dick Vincent, a native of Palenville, says that the race is for “mountain goats only” — it’s restricted to 250 runners who must be able to hoof it through rain, heat, thunder, lightning and the occasional pack of irritated bees for 30 kilometers along the blue-blazed Escarpment Trail from the race start at the Route 23 Windham trailhead to the finish at North-South Lake in Haines Falls. Runners are aided at hiked-in water stops by volunteers, many of whom return year after year to cheer on competitors.  Read more

Boom! Catskills fourth of July photos

Above: Fireworks in Margaretville on Friday, July 3, by Joshua Trupin. 

Happy Independence Day weekend! Here are some photos from around the Catskills this Fourth of July. 

Above: The Independence Day parade in Windham on July 4, by Petra Davenport. 

Above: Jupiter and Venus appear next to each other in the sky during their historic conjunction, which peaked this week on Tuesday, June 30 but which continued to dazzle on Saturday, July 4 in Monticello while the fireworks were popping. Photo by John of Catskills Photography.

Climber falls 80 feet in Devil’s Kitchen, prompting dangerous seven-hour rescue

Above: Platte Clove valley from above. Photo by Daniel Case via Wikipedia.

A climber rappelling in the deadly Devil’s Kitchen section of Platte Clove in the Greene County Catskills fell 80 feet into a rocky gorge and miraculously survived on Thursday, July 2, according to a forest ranger involved in the rescue.

The man, who is in his mid-30s and is otherwise not being identified, was recreating off a slackline that he and two companions had set up across the narrow Devil’s Kitchen valley over Plattekill Creek when he made a “climber’s error” and fell, New York State Department of Conservation Forest Ranger Rob Dawson said today.

Although the man was not wearing a helmet when he fell, he sustained no head injuries and was conscious throughout his rescue, said Dawson, who was one of the first responders to arrived at the scene.

A tree partially broke his fall when the climber landed on the rocky gorge bottom, Dawson said.  Read more

This weekend: Fourth of July in the Catskills

Above: Margaretville's Fire Department Field Days and Carnival comes to a grand finale this weekend, July 3 and July 4. Photo by Joe Damone Photography.

We're already written about where to find fireworks on this Fourth of July in the Catskills. But there’s lots of other things going on across the region as well. Here are a few of our favorites, county by county.


On Friday, July 3, the West Kortright Centre in East Meredith celebrates its 40th birthday with a gala dance under the stars with Hazmat Modine, a pan-ethnic roots and blues band. Chicken dinner at 7 p.m.; music begins at 8 p.m. If you were born in 1975 or are driving a 1975 car, you get in free.   Read more

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