Catskill Park signs are going up

From left to right: James Rueger, representative from Shandaken, Pine Hill Community Center (holding small round sign); Robert Selkowitz, Town of Olive (holding rectangular sign); Diane Galusha, Catskill Watershed Corporation; Doris Bartlett, Town of Shandaken. Photo courtesy of Lillian Browne.

Remember those new signs that the New York Department of Transportation created for use within Catskill Park last year? They're popping up like mushrooms along Rte. 28.

On May 23, Delaware County tourism director Patty Cullen got a snapshot of one, which shows that the new signage has evolved a bit from last year's proposed design:

Get back, honky cat: No Elton John tickets for you

Photo of Elton John at the 2011 premiere of The Union at the Tribeca Film Festival by David Shankbone. Published under Creative Commons license.

Seems you can't have a big act at Bethel Woods (Phish, anyone?) without some outsize drama to go along with it. The Sullivan County Democrat reports that a crowd of a few hundred Elton John fans who stood in line for tickets on May 23 got angry when the tickets sold out in under an hour, and police were called in to keep the peace:

At the recent Bethel Town Board meeting, Supervisor Dan Sturm read an email that Kauneonga Lake resident David Biren had sent to Bethel Woods, with Biren deriding the facility as “inept” for what he felt was an unjustifiably rude wait in the rain and cold for tickets that ultimately could not be purchased.  Read more

Mountain Jam: Glorious weather, and a few arrests

See video

Gov't Mule performing "Thorazine Shuffle" at Hunter Mountain's Mountain Jam Festival on Saturday.

The seventh annual Mountain Jam Festival at Hunter Mountain went off splendidly over the weekend, and featured a showstopping act from a diva-esque performer with a history of last-minute no-shows: Sunshine. From the Times Herald-Record:

"The tag line to this year's festival should be, 'No rain, still insane,'" [Michael] Franti, a Mountain Jam veteran, said during his acoustic set. He was commenting on the remarkable fact, that so far, the weekend had been free of precipitation — not a common occurrence at the Jam, as it's rained during every previous festival so far.

Most of the 15,000-odd jammers behaved themselves nicely, and the festival had its best attendance yet:  Read more

"The Afterlight," starring the town of Walton, makes its local premiere

On Thursday, June 2, the town of Walton turned out en masse to see itself on the silver screen: The independent feature film “Afterlight,” filmed on location in Walton, screened at the Walton Theater.

The town's been anticipating this premiere for a long time. “The Afterlight,” a “minimalist mood poem” about a solar eclipse in which the landscape stars as prominently as any of the actors, began filming in 2006.

The Walton community came out in full support of its town and its local actors, many of whom were small children when the film was shot. Craig Macneill and Alexei Kaleina, who directed and produced the film together, were on hand to talk about the film.

“We just fell in love with the town and location. We had a first draft [of the script] before we got here, based on pictures, but it was nothing like we imagined. It was even better,” said Macneill.

“It’s a very landscape-heavy film. Walton is one of the main characters in the film,” said Kaleina.  Read more

One time, at farm camp ...

Memorial Day weekend at the Frost Valley Farm Camp. Photos by Larson Harley. Used with permission.

Photographer Larson Harley spent Memorial Day weekend at the Frost Valley YMCA's Farm Camp, where he was briefly seduced by a vision of living in the country, he writes on his blog:

By the end of this weekend, I would have easily stayed up in the Catskills with the animals, trading them for strangers on the train, honking cars and sirens. I would trade the smell of the pissy subways and melting blacktop for the grass and hemlock tree. I have a love for all things natural, while still believing that living in the cities we have created helps to keep a small portion of that space left wild.  Read more

"Into The Woods" opens in Phoenicia

This weekend brings musical fairytales to the Shandaken Theatrical Society -- but don't expect a sweet little bedtime story. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's dark, witty remix of familiar fables, directed by STS's own Amy Wallace, opens this Friday, June 3.  Read more

No Michelle Shocked this weekend

This just in from the West Kortright Centre: Michelle Shocked, the singer-songwrriter who was slated to play the WKC this Sunday, won't be coming after all. Here's what WKC marketing director Lisbeth Firmin emailed us about the cancellation:

"Due to circumstances beyond our control the Michelle Shocked concert has been cancelled. We have a great performance season lined up so take a look at our website: We hope to see you at The Centre soon!"

The West Kortright Centre is a Watershed Post advertiser. Photo of Michelle Shocked by Flickr user Sigmund, via Wikimedia Commons.

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