Watershed Post News Poem: An Ode to the Feral Pig

Photo of Pelikan fountain pen by Flickr user David Blackwell. Published under Creative Commons license.

We are pleased to announce a new regular feature on our website: The Watershed Post News Poem. Every week, we'll be bringing you some form of ode, lyric, ditty, verse, limerick, sonnet, or (if we get really ambitious) villanelle based on current news events in the region. (For those of you who may be wondering: Yes, we're massive geeks; no, we have no shame.)

Fans of our weekly radio show, the Watershed Post Half-Hour News Hour, may have heard a few of our quasi-literary stylings already. Today, for our poetical web debut, we bring you an Ode to the Feral Pig. (And if you're wondering what feral pigs have to do with news in the Catskills, check out this recent news item from our digital pages.)  Read more

Street artist Paolo Buggiani brings incendiary art to Andes

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Italian street artist Paolo Buggiani rides a flaming bicycle down Main Street in front of the Andes Hotel on Friday, October 7, 2011.

Diners on the porch of the Andes Hotel on Friday evening got a little spectacle along with their supper: A brief but memorable visit from Paolo Buggiani, an Italian street artist known for his flaming scuptures as well as for pulling stunts like roller-skating through New York City dressed as a metal-clad, fiery Minotaur.

The occasion? Buggiani is visiting a longtime friend, Andes stone sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, who has transformed his rural homestead on Route 28 into a dance and stone-carving studio called the Squid Farm. (One of Buggiani's sculptures, a large metal reptile, is mounted on the side of Hiratsuka's barn, and is a well-known local landmark.)

Buggiani will be holding a small sculpture exhibition at the Squid Farm, 34325 Route 28 in Andes, this afternoon (Saturday, October 8), from 2 to 6pm. We hear there may be fire involved -- not too surprising, given the artist's philosophy on the topic:  Read more

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O Positive Festival returns to Kingston this weekend

A century or two ago, country doctors were likely to take a good portion of their pay in things like chickens and vegetables.

Today, the idea of bartering for healthcare is alive and well in our own backyard -- and attracting a lot of attention, thanks to the artists, musicians, healthcare providers and other folks behind Kingston's O+ festival, now in its second year. The festival starts Friday, October 7, and continues through Sunday, October 9.

The concept of O+ is simple: Get a bunch of local healthcare providers to agree to barter their services for art and music, find artists who want to participate, and throw a massive citywide party. Last year, the idea proved to be a smashing success, and the festival attracted plenty of attention from local and national press.

This year's festival is "better, not bigger," said co-organizer Alexandra Marvar, who said the festival organizers had more applicants than one weekend could cram in, both performers and local healthcare providers.

"There are more doctors than we can even put to use in our weekend clinic," she said.  Read more

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This weekend: Neversink Transmissions

Above and below: Photos from Neversink Transmissions, an art installation in Sullivan County. Image provided by Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer.

To find avant-garde art this weekend, you don't have to go any farther than the Neversink Valley. On Sunday, a multimedia installation called Neversink Transmissions is opening in the town of Denning in Sullivan County. The installation is the brainchild of Brooklyn artists Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer, who spent the summer as fellows of the Wildcat Fellowship Program, a two-week residence that is funded with help from the Neversink/Rondout Stream Management Program.

As Wildcat Fellows, Phiffer and Irons built a driftwood sculpture, hacked together a micro-radio station, and gathered documentary footage for an online gallery of interviews and photos of Neversink Valley residents. The result is a faux cell phone tower made of river driftwood that transmits audio and photos of Neversink oral and visual history to all radios and mobile phones within shouting distance.   Read more

Music for flood relief in Kingston tonight, 9/28/11

Our friends at the Kingston Digital Corridor and the Ulster County Musicians Network are throwing a fantastic flood-relief bash called "After the Deluge" tonight in Kingston. We're proud to be an official sponsor of the event.

"After the Deluge" features a stellar line-up of local bands, all playing to raise funds to go to relief organizations in each county in the Catskills. The show starts at 5:30pm and runs unti 10pm. The organizers are collecting relief supplies -- for a full list of acts and items accepted, see the website.

After the Deluge
September 28th  5:30-10p.m.
Keegan Ales
20 St. James Street
Kingston, NY

Letter to the Editor: Flood Aid for New Paltz

To the editor:

In the wake of Hurricane Irene and the resultant flooding, we have organized New Paltz Flood Aid: Farmers, Families, and First Responders. Contributions and all ticket sales to Flood Aid events will be distributed to the New Paltz farmers, families, and first responders most affected by the late August flooding. The New Paltz Community Foundation will administer, manage, and distribute all the funds.

On August 24, 2011, the Village of New Paltz passed a resolution declaring the first week of October the inaugural "New Paltz Local Food Week". Less than a week later, Hurricane Irene hit. As a result, this year's Local Food week focus will be on helping the people in our community most impacted by the flooding.  Read more

After The Flood: Photos by Watershed Post readers

  Read more

9/11 ceremony in Halcottsville Sunday, 1pm

Above: Ascent, a sculpture by Mark Pilato.

The little hamlet of Halcottsville in Delaware County is hosting a 9/11 ceremony today from 1pm to 3pm. The hamlet's fire department is now the permanent home of "Ascent," a sculpture by Halcottsville volunteer fireman Mark Pilato, who sculpted it in the months after the World Trade Center attacks ten years ago.

The sculpture, a soaring work in bronze, has been displayed at Ground Zero in NYC and at the Pentagon in Washington DC. Now, it sits in a newly-landscaped park next to the Halcottsville Fire Department, as you can see on the Halcottsville Fire Department Facebook Page and in the photo below.

In an article in Catskill Mountain Guide Magazine, Pilato explained his connection with the Halcottsville Fire Department:  Read more

Free dinner and flood benefit concert in Arkville Saturday night

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Video of Arkville flooding, by YouTube user mathewpaul2000.

Joe Moskowitz, the proprietor of Casey Joe's Coffeehouse and Arkville-Bikeville in Arkville, is throwing a huge flood-relief benefit concert at 7pm Saturday night in the space usually occupied by Robert's Auction in Arkville. The line-up, which came together in a flash this week, is epic, according to the Facebook event:

A concert to help raise funds for flood relief in the Margaretville/Arkville/Fleischmanns area for recovery from the devastation left throughout that area after Hurricane Irene...Casey Joe's is located at the corner of Rt.28 and Rt. 38 in Arkville. Come unwind a little with some killer music for a great cause!!!

Also, BYOB and bring a sober driver too! Schedule:

7:00-7:25--Charity Valk & Rob Heitmann  Read more

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