Flash mob: Director's cut

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Can't get enough about the Delhi flash mob? Our WP correspondent and crack local videographer Jessica Vecchione has a 6-minute video that follows the mob that hit Main Street last week from start to finish.

We're "the new Brooklyn." Again. For real this time.

Image by Flickr user Samantha Manton.

Say it ain't so, New York Times "Our Towns" columnist Peter Applebome! Not only are you jumping on the "Hudson Valley/Catskills is the new Brooklyn" bandwagon, but you're doing it with an enormous 2,553-word NYT article

Well, even though we've heard this before, it must be true this time. Applebome offers enough anecdotal proof to choke a grass-fed-and-finished heritage breed Kerry cow:  Read more

This Weekend: A.J. Roach in concert

Sometimes we forget that the Catskills are part of Appalachia, with all its misty hollows and moonshine lore. Folk musician A.J. Roach will cure that little delusion -- his first two albums were all fiddles, banjos and lyrics about life in ghostly eastern mountain towns. According to his website, his latest album, Pleistocene, is a little more city-fied:  Read more

This weekend: Batavia Kill Stream Celebration

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Above: Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, which will perform this weekend at the Batavia Kill Stream Celebration.

For those who might not know what, exactly, the "kill" in Catskill stands for, there's a whole festival happening this weekend that will cement the definition of the old Dutch term once and for all.  Read more

Watershed Post Half-Hour News Hour: The hazards of summer in the Catskills

Today at 1pm we aired our second installment of the Watershed Post Half-Hour News Hour, our 30-minute radio news show, on WIOX 91.3 FM in Roxbury. You can listen to today's show below. (Our debut show aired in July -- you can listen to it here.)

We talked about the recent spate of deaths in the Catskills, last week's Delhi flash mob, a potential ban on hydraulic fracturing in the New York City watershed, and a slew of other news stories from the past few weeks. We also interviewed Margaretville Food Pantry co-coordinator Josie Stern about how red tape is causing shortages at Delaware County food pantries.   Read more

This weekend: Peevishness in four-part harmony

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Ever heard scores of people bellowing their deepest-held complaints out in harmony? Ever wonder what grudges and dislikes lurk in the subconsciouses of your neighbors? All will be revealed this Saturday in Delhi, when the Complaints Choir of the Art & Soul of the Catskills Festival belts local resentments out in song at 3:30pm in Courthouse Square. Here's how the festival's website explains the Complaints Choir:  Read more

This weekend: The New Kingston Film Festival

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The trailer for "Windfall," the feature film being screened at this weekend's New Kingston Film Festival.

New Kingston doesn't have too many claims to fame. There's the inexplicable lone red British telephone booth sitting in the middle of a cornfield just outside town. There's the unusually cozy post office that hosts a book exchange and keeps a box of toys ready for any kid who happens to come by. And there's the free New Kingston Film Festival, which has drawn cinemaphiles onto the secluded valley since 2008 with its carefully curated (and highly competitive) line-up of films from around the world.

This weekend, the New Kingston Film Festival rises again after a year-long hiatus. (Last year, its organizers took the year off to have a baby.) There are plans for a giant blow-up screen and drive-in amenities, including movie soundtracks that are piped over FM radio, so you can watch out under the stars from the comfort of your car. Andes BBQ stalwart the Cha Cha Hut is catering (and concocting special popcorn toppings for the occasion), there will be live music by Serena Jost and Robin Aigner, and many of the filmmakers themselves will be onhand during the festival and at a public filmmakers’ brunch the next day.

We talked with Seema Shah-Nelson, the New Kingston-ite who runs the festival with her husband Clark, about what it’s like to plan a film festival in the middle of nowhere.

Seema Shah-Nelson with son Rishi at the 2008 New Kingston Film Festival: Photo by Bekah HavensSeema Shah-Nelson with son Rishi at the 2008 New Kingston Film Festival: Photo by Bekah HavensQ: What gave you the idea to start this film festival in the first place?

A: When we first moved up here, we saw that there were a of music festivals. We love to watch movies, but realized that we had to drive well over an hour to a movie theater, and even then we’d only get the real Hollywood blockbusters. So we decided to do a film festival ourselves.

Q: What can movie-goers expect from this year's festival?

A: The first two years we had a full day-long festival. We had 10 to 12 hours of film. This year we have more like four to five hours. We’ll have a block of short films for about an hour, and then a break, and then we have a three-minute short film about a robin family --

Q: Is that the movie about robins by Fred Margulies in Margaretville?   Read more

A flash mob hits Delhi

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Think flash mobs are only for city slickers? Think again. Close to 100 people, including a fireman and a waitress in uniform, blocked Main Street in Delhi yesterday to perform a dance routine to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. (There are at least three YouTube videos up as of this morning. The one above has the best view of the fireman. This one has the best music. This one's just sweet.)

The stunt was timed to coincide with the Friday night Fair on the Square, and was organized by Raegan Reed, the owner of The Cardio Club, a local dance studio. According to a press release posted on WBNG's website, Reed has been plotting this mob for months with the help of a secret Facebook group:  Read more

This Weekend: Catskill Forest Festival

Those trees all around you? Don't take them for granted. That's the idea behind the Catskill Forest Association's Catskill Forest Festival, a day-long celebration of all things woodsy happening this weekend in Margaretville. There will be food and beer, a logging competition, artists, and all kinds of maple products. Best part? Admission is free. To get a taste of last year's festival, check out the video made by Fred Margulies above.

Catskill Forest Festival, Saturday, July 30, 10am - 4pm. Park Pavilion, Margaretville.

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