Catskill signs will stay yellow-and-brown

**Update: Contrary to what the first story linked below says, no agreement has yet been reached on the Catskills signs, Peter Manning of the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development tells us. While the Adirondack signage has been resolved, plans for the Catskills are still under discussion, and public meetings will likely be held to get input from stakeholders in the region.

We will be covering this issue as it unfolds. --2.17.2010

Even though their color scheme makes them hard to read, those brown-and-yellow road signs are here to stay, thanks to a valiant stand by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The Federal Highway Administration had been pushing the Adirondack and Catskills state parks to change their sign colors to a more readable "white-on-brown." But the state DOT pushed back, according to the DOT Region 2 Director Michael Shamma. From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise:


Joshua's Cafe gets the Ruth Reichl seal of approval

The A-list food writer and former Gourmet editor was in town this weekend for the Woodstock Writers' Festival. From Twitter:

@ruthreichl Thinking about the tabouli last night at Joshua's in Woodstock. So fresh and bright, perfect winter salad. Why have I forsaken it?

Our listing for Joshua's Cafe.


All Tomorrow's Parties 2010: Jim Jarmusch to curate

ATP announces a partial lineup for this year's Labor Day Weekend musicfest at Kutsher's. This will be the third year in the Borscht Belt for the indie-rock fest.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd: IGGY & THE STOOGES performing Raw Power, SLEEP performing Holy Mountain, MUDHONEY performing Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles, THE SCIENTISTS performing Blood Red River (first ever U.S. Show) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th ATP 10th Birthday: SONIC YOUTH, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, THE BREEDERS, F**K BUTTONS, THE BOOKS, PAPA M, APSE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th curated by Jim Jarmusch: THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, RAEKWON, GIRLS, F*CKED UP, WOODEN SHJIPS, THE BLACK ANGELS, VIVIAN GIRLS + more to be confirmed!

 From the Village Voice: An oral history of ATP.

New York Times review of ATP NY 2009:

The ravenous maw of the General Fund

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle takes aim at Albany's spending habits today.

At issue: Taxes and fees originally intended for things like roads, education and emergency services tend to disappear into the black hole of the state's general fund.

You know you live in New York if ...

  • ... your gasoline taxes don't necessarily go toward maintaining roads and bridges.
  • ... revenue from tuition increases doesn't necessarily help state university campuses enhance education.
  • ... a surcharge on your cell phone bill doesn't necessarily help first responders.
  • ... the lottery pays out more in prizes than it gives to education.
  • Image: The Sarlacc from Return of the Jedi.


    Meanwhile, in another watershed...

    New York City doesn't have the only unfiltered water supply in the state. The city of Syracuse also drinks unfiltered water from Lake Skaneateles, making it one of just a handful of cities in the U.S. that are allowed by the EPA to drink unfiltered surface water.

    Naturally, the hydrofracking debate is pretty fierce in Syracuse, though the issue isn't getting as much press as gas drilling in the NYC watershed.

    Skaneateles water-drinker Laura Brazak, who attended a recent public forum in Onondaga County, was dismayed that 99% of her fellow Syracusans didn't show up.

    Everybody can be on the side of water, right? And as one lady stated: "You can't drink money."

    Newspaper vanishes in the night

    The Greenville Press seems to have evaporated, along with its publisher Linda Fenoff.

    All Greenville and New Baltimore residents are hereby invited to send us news items and tips on upcoming events they'd like to see covered. Send them by email ([email protected]) or snail mail (53 Delaware Ave., Delhi, NY), and please include your name and address.

    That goes for the rest of Greene, Delaware, Ulster, Sullivan and Schoharie Counties, too. But we'll make a special effort to reach towns without a newspaper.


    The Mayas speak out: ICE used us

    The AP has an incredible story about Saugerties business owners Emilio and Analia Maya, Argentine natives who have been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and who now face deportation.

    According to the story, the brother and sister have been working undercover for the ICE for years, in the hopes of gaining a coveted "S visa" they say they were promised by the agency.

    Five years later, the Mayas say they have only questions and a burning sense of betrayal. They insist they held up their end of the bargain, risking their lives in hours of undercover work, wearing wires and using fake names. But for reasons they do not understand, ICE and the agents who were their handlers abruptly turned against them -- and they now face imminent deportation.

    Earlier: Cafe Tango owner faces deportation.


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