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NewsShed: Blockbuster Election 2013 edition

Listen to the pumpkin. Photo by Flickr user Tanner Lovelace; published under Creative Commons license.

In small-town America, odd years are where the political action is. On Tuesday, November 5, New York State goes to the polls to elect local officials.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the Catskills' hottest races, with links to local news coverage, how to find your polling place and look up a sample ballot, and more. Remember, your vote counts -- and nowhere does it count more than in local races, which are often decided by a mere handful of votes.


Unless you live under a rock -- which, we admit, is a possibility around here -- you're probably aware that there's a referendum on casino gambling in New York State on the upcoming ballot. Supporters of the referendum say it will bring jobs and a much-needed infusion of cash into the local economy. Others say casino gambling causes more local economic problems that it solves

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Haunted hills: Our guide to a Catskills Halloween

Above: Pumpkins at Sunfrost Farms in Woodstock. Photo by Flickr user Kat Stan; published under Creative Commons license.

Halloween may not formally arrive until next Thursday, but celebrations of ghoulies and ghosties and all manner of beasties are in full swing this weekend. Gear up as your craziest fantasy (well, maybe your second craziest fantasy) and prepare to pierce the Veil Between The Worlds at any of these shindigs, ranging from rock-on-out to bring-the-toddlers.


The Shire Pub in Delhi is throwing a Halloween costume bash Saturday night, with a wide variety of costume prize categories and dancing to the music of DJ Weazel.  Read more

NewsShed: Better safe than sorry

Earlier this month, schoolchildren across the Catskills learned about fire safety during National Fire Prevention Week. Here's Gianna Muellerleile, daughter of Shandaken ambulance captain Rich Muellerleile, suiting up for the cause. Rich, who sometimes writes a safety column for us, advises sagely: "No matter what calamity you deal with, it is much more easily addressed by preventing it altogether than having to deal with its aftermath." As the kids say: True dat. Photo by Jake Millman.

It's been a gorgeous October, Catskills, but it looks like the cold weather is upon us at last. Time to break out the winter sweaters, fire up the woodstove (safely!), and make sure your kid's Halloween costume isn't too skimpy. (Remember Snowtober 2011?)  Read more

NewsShed: Grand Gorge can't catch a break, and neither can Gumby

Above: The remains of Sundae's, a restaurant on Route 23 in Grand Gorge that was destroyed by an early-morning fire on Monday. It's the second time in a month a business has burned down in Grand Gorge; in the wee hours of September 27, Becker's Tire Service on Route 30 was destroyed by a fire. Investigators say neither fire is considered suspicious. Photo by Jennifer Strom.

Happy Thursday, Catskills -- and happy End Of Shutdown Day, too. Late last night, Congress passed a bill to fund the government until January 15 and raise the debt limit until February 7, so we've got at least a few months of reprieve from all the Sturm und Drang in the Capitol.   Read more

NewsShed: Small government, big drama

Above: Sunset over a Middleburgh field. Photo by Flickr user A Man Called ACME; shared in the Watershed Post's Flickr group pool

Happy Columbus Day Weekend, Catskills. There's plenty to do this weekend around the mountains: Fiddlers in Roxbury, old-timey machines and crafts at Hanford Mills, the massive O+ Festival in Kingston, lots of hikes scheduled for the last few days of Lark in the Park, and more.

The federal government may be shut down, but at the local level, things are mostly chugging along as usual. The Catskill Watershed Corporation has a new president, Stamford supervisor Mike Triolo. Colchester town meetings continue to erupt in drama. Delaware County is looking into passing a bed tax on local hotel stays. Ulster County is pressuring towns to cut their budgets, after promising to take over more of towns' Safety Net costs in the upcoming year. 

Even for Monticello, this week's emergency village board meeting was off the charts in the drama department. The meeting was held to discuss the village's botched demolition of the asbestos-laced Monticello justice court, which resulted in the arrest of six workers by state environmental police. Hat tip to the Sullivan County Democrat for a truly astounding account of the meeting, which includes this gem:  Read more

This weekend is your last chance to earn a Catskill Fire Towers Badge!

Columbus Day weekend is the traditional end of the high season in the Catskills, and it's the end of our Catskill Fire Towers badge season as well. So get outside, enjoy the glorious weather, and earn your badge. If you need a few ideas for outdoor activities -- including fire tower hikes -- check out our special Lark in the Park section, with its calendar of over 50 guided Catskills activities, many happening this weekend.  -- Julia Reischel

Left: Our brand new Catskill Fire Towers badge. The last day to earn yours is October 14, 2013. 

Badges: They're not just for Boy Scouts anymore. You, too, can get out, do neat stuff, and earn badges for it. (And bragging rights.)

The Watershed Post is proud to present our 2013 Catskills badge: The Catskill Fire Towers Badge.   Read more

CWC elects Mike Triolo as new president

Above: Georgianna Lepke of Neversink passes the CWC gavel to Michael Triolo of Stamford. Photo courtesy of the Catskill Watershed Corporation.

The board of the Catskill Watershed Corporation, a nonprofit governed mostly by elected officials from the New York City watershed region, voted Stamford town supervisor Michael Triolo as its new president at the board's regular meeting on Tuesday, October 1. 

Triolo takes over from longtime CWC president Georgianna Lepke, town council member and former supervisor of the town of Neversink. Lepke has sold her Neversink home and is moving to Florida, according to a statement released by the CWC.

In the statement, Triolo praised Lepke's leadership. 

"I will have to fill some huge shoes. If I can do half the job Georgie’s done, I’ll be happy," Triolo said. "And if at any point I lose sight of the fact that this is a regional organization, representing and helping people in Delaware, Sullivan, Schoharie, Greene and Ulster Counties, you let me know."  Read more

Storms pass, but power's still out for many

Above: Adirondack chairs strewn across a Delaware County backyard by Monday's windstorms. Photographer Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, who shared the photo with us, said the winds tossed the chairs 20 or 30 feet.

Heavy rainstorms and high winds that swept across the Catskills on Monday afternoon left scattered power outages in their wake. 

As of around 8:30pm, Central Hudson was reporting that 1,274 of their customers in Ulster County were without power. Most heavily affected were Saugerties, with 342 outages; Lloyd, with 301 outages; Olive, with 250 outages; and Marbletown, with 158 outages.

NYSEG reported that 62 of their customers in Shandaken were without power.

Central Hudson also had 148 outages in Greene County, most in the town of Catskill, and 40 outages in the Sullivan County town of Neversink.  Read more

Tornado watch issued across Catskills

Above: Graphic showing a tornado watch stretching across several mid-Atlantic and New England states on Monday, October 7, issued by the National Weather Service in Albany.

A tornado watch is in effect for a large area of upstate New York, including the five counties of the Catskills region: Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster. 

The watch, issued by the National Weather Service at 9am, is in effect until 5pm and covers a 42-county area in New York State.   Read more

Explore the Catskills: Lark in the Park 2013

Above: “Panther Mountain” by Ethan Myers. A runner-up in our 2013 Catskills Great Outdoor Experience Photo Contest. Join a guided hike up Panther Mountain on October 10th as part of the 2013 Lark in the Park. 

It's perfect season in the Catskills: Blue skies, brilliant foliage, crisp air, and heartbreakingly gorgeous views.

That's why the Catskill Mountain Club, the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, and the New York New-Jersey Trail Conference plan their annual Lark in the Park for October. The Lark is a series of outdoor activities led by experienced hikers, paddlers, cyclists and anglers throughout the Catskills region between October 5 and Columbus Day.

As part of our 2013 Catskills Outdoor Guide, the Watershed Post is featuring a full list of all Lark in the Park events.   Read more