Rescue practice on the Ashokan revives old resentments

Ice rescue practice on the Ashokan Reservoir. Photo via the NYC Water/NYC DEP website.

Adam Bosch of the Times Herald-Record spent Thursday on the ice at the Ashokan Reservoir watching NYC Department of Environmental Protection police officers don bright orange neoprene suits and pratice dragging each other out of the frigid water. It's a neat little story about how ice rescues work:

Their drill begins when Officer Chuck Chapman jumps into the Ashokan's west basin and lets out a yell — "Arf!" — to avoid respiratory spasm. Officer Paul Dwon, attached to a 150-foot rope, crawls toward the edge of the ice. Both men are wearing orange-red, neoprene suits that keep them warm and increase their buoyancy ...

Dwon lowers himself into the water, attaches a rope to Chapman and boosts the victim onto the ice. Their partner James Feldbauer pulls the victim about 15 feet across the ice — far enough to assure he doesn't break through again.

When the DEP plugged Bosch's article on its Facebook page, however, it prompted an argument in the comments section about its presence in the watershed.  Read more

A good backdrop for fear

Another Kind, an independent horror movie, has just finished shooting in the Catskills, according to the website Shock Till You Drop

Another Kind follows four unprepared hikers from New York City on a winter camping expedition in the Catskills. Their adventure soon turns sour when they encounter mysterious forces in the woods. Newcomers Jamie Law, Nate Miller, Laura Ramadei and Patrick Woodall star.  Read more

Barrows charged with stealing golf clubs from county

The Daily Star had the scoop yesterday: Lisa Barrows, the former Stop DWI coordinator for Delaware County who was removed abrupty from her job last year, is now facing a felony charge brought by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office:

According to court documents, on Dec. 15, while she was still employed by the county, Barrows took a set of golf clubs with a value of more than $1,000 that was county property, the official said. She was issued an appearance ticket to appear at 9 a.m. Tuesday in Delhi Town Court.

We reached out to Barrows, who responded by maintaining her innocence and referring all questions to her lawyer.  Read more

Anybody have a 2006 issue of the Walton Reporter?

The Walton Reporter, a weekly newspaper covering a large swath of Delaware County, posted a heartfelt plea on its Facebook page yesterday:

Walton Reporter readers - We need your help. Some of our newspaper archives were lost in the 2006 flood. If you are willing to donate back issues, 2006 or earlier, we'd like to hear from you. 607-865-4131. Please spread the word to friends who are not on Facebook. Thanks!

Losing an archive is a horrible thing, especially for a newspaper. And the Walton Reporter is especially proud of its archives -- every week, the paper prints a selection of articles that appeared in its pages 100 years before. So help the future readers of the Reporter out and give back any 2006 issues you might have onhand.

"Best year ever" for ski lodging biz at Belleayre

Despite the layoff woes at the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center, this year has been excellent for the businesses that depend on it, Jay Braman wrote in the Daily Freeman yesterday:

At a meeting on Monday of the  Belleayre Region Lodging and Tourism Association, the ski center’s superintendent, Tony Lanza, said that despite recent state-mandated layoffs at the facility in Highmount, the 2010-11 ski season, which has had plenty of snowfall, has been the best for association members in a long time.

“Some are reporting their best year ever,” Lanza said.

Kabinett & Kammer comes to Manhattan

On Wednesday, Sean Scherer's Andes outpost of antiques, taxidermy, and artfully-arranged objects opened an outpost in the East Village. The Andes location of Kabinett & Kammer, however, is still the "flagship" store, according to the press release announcing the expansion:

The NYC store will be filled with more of the bizarre and beautiful art and objects that have made the upstate shop a legend among artists, designers, architects, entertainment and fashion folk. 

“We’re excited to expand our presence from Andes to our new location in New York City. It’s beyond what we could have envisioned” said Sean Scherer, Kabinett & Kammer artist, designer and founder.

Kabinett & Kammer will be run by Scherer in partnership with Rick Gilbert, who recently produced and art directed, Green Porno, a successful series of short films written, created by and starring Isabella Rossellini for the Sundance Channel.   Read more

Luck o' the Catskills?

A Callicoon shopkeeper has won a million dollars in the lottery, the second time in a month that someone from the Catskills has been handed a big lotto check.

In February, a Cairo man claimed a $122 million winning Powerball ticket. Now, according to a press release from the New York Lottery, the owner of the Kountry Korner convenience store in Callicoon has a winning ticket.

The Times Herald-Record has more, including the tantalizing detail that the store owner bought the ticket after she misprinted it for a customer:

The jackpot made [Charanjit] Kaur the first million-dollar winner for the month-old Megaplier game and the sixth Sullivan County lottery player to win a $1 million-plus prize.  Read more

License to raptor

Want to nurse injured deer back to health, or hunt squirrels with a trained raptor?

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is holding its exams for both falconry apprentices and wildlife rehabilitators on April 22. To take the exams, you must apply by April 1, and have a healthy appreciation for working with wild animals. 

You don't just need a good score on the exam to get either license. Wildlife rehabers are required to have two letters of recommendation and an in-person interview. And would-be falconers must have a Master Falconer willing to sponsor them, a federal permit, and, of course, access to a raptor, which can be either an American kestrel or a red-tailed hawk.

Photo by Flickr user tiarescott

Greene Co. Stop DWI to go under sheriff

The Daily Mail has a story today about the Greene County Stop DWI program, which, in the wake of the retirements of its two staff members, is going to be administered by the Greene County Sheriff's Office:

The county’s STOP-DWI program has a total budget of $180,830 and employed two people full-time: John Massell, Jr., coordinator of the program since its inception in 1990, and senior typist Maxine Luvera, also with the program from the beginning. Masselli retired in December 2010 and Luvera retired last week.

In December, Delaware County fired its Stop DWI coordinator, prompting public outrage. But the Delaware supervisors have been unwilling to give the Delaware County Sheriff's Office control over the program, instead granting interim control to Craig DuMond, the chairman of the county's public safety committee.   Read more

17 protestors arrested in Albany

Liz Benjamin at Capitol Confidential reports that 100 activists were protesting the Cuomo administration's planned budget cuts in Albany today. And while 17 were arrested, she writes that the scene wasn't particularly wild:

The whole situation was rather tame, actually. With troopers basically negotiating with the protestors over whether they wanted to be arrested. Obviously, they did.