More arrests in Esopus family feud

An incident on Wednesday which ended with three Lanes arrested on various snowplow- and baseball-bat-related charges has yielded a few more arrests. From the Ulster County Sheriff's Office:

Detectives from the Ulster County Sheriff's Office report the arrest of two additional people stemming from a domestic incident last evening in Port Ewen. Detectives charged Brandon M. Ferraro, 22, of 272 Broadway, Port Ewen with misdemeanor Assault in the 3rd Degree. Also charged was Jessica L. Lane, 21, of the same address. She was charged with misdemeanors of Criminal Mischief 4th and Endangering the Welfare of a Child, as well as violation Disorderly Conduct.

Mr. Ferraro's charge stems from an incident around 12:30 AM on 01/12/11, whereby he allegedly struck and injured Mark C. Lane, 19, of 50 Ohio Street, Connelly. It was this incident that was the catalyst for the incident previously reported by this agency, whereby Mark and his father, Mark M. Lane, 39, same address, allegedly came to 272 Broadway armed with a baseball bat around 6:45 PM on 01/12/11.  Read more

"Blood, Sweat, and Shears"

A Main Street Stamford hair salon has a new owner and an excellent new name, the Mountain Eagle reports today. Reporter Rosie Cunningham writes that the new name was inspired by proprietor Shanda Whitbeck's dicey experience with elbow surgery.

What do you get when you bring a snowplow to a baseball-bat fight?

Arrested, of course.

This truly epic tale of familial feuding just came in over the transom, from the Ulster County Sheriff's Office. We're a little in awe of the huevos required to assault your opponent's vehicle in the parking lot of the police station.

Detectives from the Ulster County Sheriff's Office report the arrests of three individuals from Esopus for Burglary and Criminal Mischief Offenses.

Arrested were, Mark M. Lane, age 39 of 50 Ohio Street, Connelly and his son Mark C. Lane, age 19, of the same address and Maurice J. Lane, age 42, of 557 Broadway Apartments 10B, Port Ewen pursuant to an investigation by deputies and detectives that started with a 911 call reporting two people entering a residence at 557 Broadway Apartments, while armed with a baseball bat and threatening to do bodily harm to the occupants.  Read more

When you pull over, put your drug paraphernalia away

Shane TadrossShane TadrossAn state trooper who stopped to assist a pulled-over driver on the side of Rte. 20 in the Schoharie County town of Sharon stumbled into a treasure trove of psychedelic mushrooms on Tuesday night.

The driver of the car, 38-year-old Shane N. Tadross of Cooperstown, said that he had stopped to roll a cigarette when Trooper Adam Maggs approached him. But after Maggs noticed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle "in plain sight," he searched the car to find 27 mason jars containing the mushrooms. He also found nine ounces of pot and a switchblade, and the fact that Tadross was driving with a suspended license.

For the full press release, read on:  Read more

Suspect in Walton church arson: Troubled soul

In the Daily Star today: Reporter Patricia Breakey pounds the pavement for details on Mike Allen, the 31-year-old Walton man accused of burning down the First Baptist Church on Tuesday morning. Friends and neighbors paint a sad picture of mental illness and drug addiction:  Read more

Grossinger's: The Borscht Belt's lost Atlantis

Above: A photo of one of the many scenes of the abandoned Grossinger's resort.

The first time Jonathan Haeber heard of Grossinger's, he was reading Maus, the acclaimed graphic novel about the Holocaust by Art Spiegelman. Part of the story is set at the once-grand Catskills resort, and that little glimpse of bygone Borscht Belt glamour immediately had Haeber hooked.

A 29-year-old Californian photographer and armchair historian, Haeber makes a hobby of abandoned places. (You can read about his adventures on his blog, Bearings.) After his introduction to Grossinger's, Haeber flew across the country to research its history. He interviewed Grossinger's employees and family members, read scores of books, and visited and explored the husk of the overgrown Liberty resort itself.

Now, Haeber's passion for Borscht Belt history has become a book, Grossinger's: City of Refuge and Illusion, which was published by Furnace Press in November.  We talked with Haeber about the book, an excerpt from which you can read below.
  Read more

Walton narrowly votes to vroom

Above: Footage from Rally New York 2009.

A couple of Walton town board members are still against it, but it looks like Rally New York will zoom through Walton roads again this year. From the Daily Star:

Walton Supervisor Bruce Dolph and council members Cheryl Boyd and Luis Rodriguez-Bentancourt voted in favor of holding the rally, and council members Kevin Armstrong and Leonard Govern voted against inviting the race...  Read more

Boiceville's effluvia: Now a whole lot cleaner

This just in from the CWC: Boiceville's wastewater treatment plant project, a feat of engineering two years in the making, is finished. The plant went online last summer, and on January 7, the last hookup pipe connecting the new plant to a Boiceville home was laid.

MARGARETVILLE, NY, January 12, 2011 – The hamlet of Boiceville – 126 properties including many businesses and Onteora Central School --  is the latest community in the Catskills to benefit from a new wastewater treatment system, courtesy of the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC).

The project was accomplished with a $12.2 million block grant from the CWC’s Community Wastewater Management Program (CWMP) to the Town of Olive which will own and manage the system going forward. While some site restoration work remains to be done this spring, the project was essentially completed January 7 when the last of the sanitary lateral pipes was connected to a home on DeSilva Road.  Read more

Almost eight inches -- so far

The intrepid snow diviners at Plattekill Mountain stuck a ruler in the ground at 7:30am this morning to find over 7 inches of snow. (See image above, via the Plattekill Facebook page.) And it's still coming down.

For more ski mountain snow photos, check out Windham Mountain's Facebook page.

Got snow? Got photos? Send them to us at, or post them to our Flickr group.

More on that muddy Esopus litigiousness

More details are emerging about Ulster County's threat to sue the New York City Department of Environmental Protection over its releases of turbid water into the Lower Esopus. 

William Kemble at the Daily Freeman reports that County Executive Mike Hein was "visibly angry" when he made the announcement about the lawsuit last night.  

The Freeman also printed a letter today from Paul Rush, the deputy commissioner of the DEP, once again explaining the DEP's position that, in fact, the Ashokan reservoir actually keeps the Esopus clean:  Read more