Working on the Railroad

We have begun work on production while research continues on our new documentary film project, Railroads of the Catskills.  Recently we accompanied a Catskill Mountain Railroad work crew as they prepared for and then worked on repairing the C-9 Bridge, West of Kingston.  We also took some time to visit the railroad cars waiting patiently near Rt. 209 for the time when they can be refurbished and used on the CMRR.  Over the next many months we will continue to gather historic and vintage images, conduct interviews as well as keep up with the crews working to repair and extend the CMRR line out of Kingston and Phoenicia.

Last week we got a chance to interview William F. Helmer about the O&W Railroad and the "Rip Van Winkle" Railroads of the Northern Catskills. Along the way to his home in Morrisville, we captured some shots of the famous Red Caboose in Oneonta, NY, where the Brotherhood of Railway Brakemen was founded.

We are still eager to hear from people with stories, images and ephemera to share for possible use in our documentary film.  Contact us at [email protected].

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