Growing Benefits From Trees

We, the humans on this planet earth, can help our forest and its trees by thinning them out in order to give them more sunlight to flourish in. We also need to know when it is time to start some of these forests over by making very intensive harvests. (Sounds a little like gardening, doesn’t it?) Thinning and regenerating our forest will “grow its benefits” in providing a healthier environment, a more diverse habitat for the critters, a prettier open space and a better filter for water and air impurities such as carbon.

Who in fact owns the “forest”? – It’s you! 2/3rds of it is owned by small (average parcel size is less than 17 acres), non-industrial landowners and most of the rest is owned by us all, in the form of publicly owned land. It is our responsibility to steward it for the future generations of humans and critters!

If you want to help us in this effort, contact us at our office in the center of the Catskill Region – Arkville, NY [845-586-3054, M-F, 9-4] Ask for Jim, Ryan or Michele.

Join the Catskill Forest Association Today!

Membership in the Catskill Forest Association is open to anyone interested in protecting the working forests of the Catskill Region. CFA covers a six-county region in Central New York State. CFA's membership is made up of people who own land and those who do not. We have members living in the Catskill Region and members living outside.

In short, if you care about the sustainability of the Catskill forest and a way of life for the people who live and visit here, the Catskill Forest Association needs your help. Please join today.

You can buy a year's membership for $50 by clicking the "Buy Now" button:

The Watershed Post will process your payment and forward your contact information to the Catskill Forest Association, which will contact you with your membership details.

The Catskill Forest Association offers benefits both to the forest and to you. Your membership will ensure that impartial, professional foresters are available to work on forest conservation projects in the Catskill Region. Your dues help to fund educational and advocacy programs, tools and equipment, and the infrastructure necessary to run a dynamic non-profit organization. Through CFA, you will add your voice to the cry of other concerned citizens, making sure policy makers listen to important forestry issues.

CFA offers members:

  • A CFA Member sign to acknowledge your commitment to healthy forests in the Catskill Region of New York
  • Impartial and Confidential Land Management Advice just a phone call away
  • Contractor referrals
  • Many events are free or discounted to members
  • CFA's quarterly newsletter, CFA NEWS
  • Full access to CFA's website with all of its information including newsletters
  • E-mail notice of all CFA educational events and activities
  • On-site visit program: have a forester come out to your property to evaluate your trees and help you set your management goals. $200 + mileage; membership included
  • Only members can enjoy the improvement harvest tree-marking program at an additional fee ·
  • Coming soon: Management plans service for CFA’s forest owners that have less than 50 acres

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