Another Kind of Love Story-Self Advocacy Group Continues to Give to Flood Victims

The meaning of the word “love” has been described several ways.   One definition states that love is:  "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".   The Self Advocacy Group from the Arc of Delaware County’s THRIVE program has been demonstrating this kind of love since the beginning of the flooding in August of 2011.  

Pam Moody, Life Coach shared that the idea of assisting flood victims came about immediately after the 2011 flooding in the states of Alabama and Mississippi. However, as the Self Advocacy group was preparing their first fund raiser, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee devastated our local communities.  The Self Advocates then turned their efforts to benefit those close to home and have been helping communities in the Margaretville area ever since.   

Each month the entire Self Advocate group of 23 decides what type of fund raiser they will have. Then volunteers are chosen to serve on a flood relief subcommittee for that particular fundraiser, providing opportunities for everyone to be involved.  The fundraisers are well planned, with the current season or holiday in mind which adds to the success of their efforts.  During the summer, 2 Ice Cream Fundraisers were held, they had a bake sale during the Christmas holidays, and they recently made and sold chocolate candies for Valentine’s Day, which alone raised over $70 dollars. 

The THRIVE Self Advocates plan to continue raising funds for flood recovery. Many of the Self Advocates expressed how badly they felt for those people whose homes were flooded. Brenda Scott, Chairperson of the fundraising committee shared, “I feel sorry for the people, they have no homes, no bedding, and no food.”  Brenda related that she had several brothers and sisters impacted by the flood.  Some of them lost their homes and moved in with their siblings. After doing these fundraisers she shared “I feel more confident in my ability to help people.  I feel proud to help.”   Brenda delivered a check in the amount of $366 from the Ice Cream Fund raisers held in the fall to Rev. Dykstra who serves as the Treasurer of the Margaretville Interfaith Council.  In a letter to the Self Advocacy Group expressing appreciation for their generosity and support, he explained that the money was used to help people with their personal needs, cleaning supplies, discretionary expenses, and other ways that benefit those in the community. 

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