WHAT: Cha Cha Hut @ The New Kingston Film Festival
WHERE: 5177 County Highway 6 , New Kingston NY
(the field behind the Presbyterian church)
WHEN: Saturday August 6 : 6:00 – 9:00PM
WHY: Great films & excellent BBQ under the stars

We will close at 5PM on Saturday August 6th

On August 6th, we’re closing the Hut at 5PM & moving over to the New Kingston Film Festival to run the concession stand. We’re bringing a limited menu & making 3 special toppings for the movie popcorn.

Admission to the festival is free with suggested $5 donation. Things kick off at 6PM with live music from Serena Jost & Robin Aigner. We’ll be starting the food & popcorn then as well. As the sun sets, you can get comfy in the seats, on the grass or even in your car (they’ll drive-in style FM transmission) & watch some great films.


Cha Cha Hut Peewees $3
(mini sandwiches – big BBQ taste)
Pulled pork or Smoked Turkey

Pig Wings $4
We take rib tips & meat, cube’em up, dust’em in our house rub & smoke’em for 5 hours. Bite sized pieces of porky goodness.

BBQ Beans $4
Our legendary beans – unlike any you’ve ever had! Three types of beans, onions, red & green peppers all simmered for hours in our Thundernagi BBQ sauce. It’s more than a side – it’s a meal!

Sweet & Sour Slaw $4
Our fresh cabbage slaw featuring green & red cabbage with a bit of carrot. Dressed with our Sweet & Sour vinaigrette slaw dressing (cider vinegar & brown sugar).

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2
(one free refill)
Our team of summer workers squeeze 40 lbs of lemons by hand to make our signature lemonade. A little sweet & a little tart.

Bottle of water $1

We’re making three special popcorn sprinkles to add to your movie snacking pleasure.

All You Need Is Rub: our house rub turned in sprinkle form. Kind of like BBQ popcorn.
Sugar & Spice: a kicked up brown sugar sprinkle. Like kettle corn with an attitude.
Boogie on the Bayou: our Cajun sprinkle. It’s a hot one!

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